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  • *In accordance with the FTC, there indeed affiliate links in this article, as I work with PicMonkey, as an affiliate marketer.  If you click and purchase through these links, I will make a small commission from these purchases.* You just started a blog recently. And now, you open your e-mail and … [Continue Reading]

    Writing A Great Sponsored Post
  • You have been blogging for a short time. At first, it was just to share about you and your interests personally for family and friends alike. But now the thought of monetizing and getting your blog exposure with companies. Quite simple, you want to use your blog to make you money. How can you … [Continue Reading]

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  • Are you a blogger? Chances are if you are reading this article you probably are. Do you sometimes do or want to be able to perform blogging tasks, such as writing posts, saving/editing photos, keeping up on social media or more? If you answered YES to this, too read on now. See for those times … [Continue Reading]

    Apps – The Top 12 Blogger Must Haves
  • So you are starting a blog?!! Do you know what you will need when starting a blog? Maybe you have heard about blogging from a friend or family member. Or maybe you have stumbled about blogging from a Google search. But do you have any clue what starting a blog entails? Trust me when, I first … [Continue Reading]

    Starting A Blog – 5 Things You Will Need (SITS)